State Sen. Donna Campbell is Also a Doctor Who Supports SB5

Over the last week Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis made the rounds of national news shows to talk about her filibuster of SB5. There was lots of talk about her life story and her pink shoes. Apparently no one thought it would be a good idea to present an opposing point of view on the actual substance of her filibuster.

As Bryan Preston at the PJ Tatler points out, one of the chief supporters of the bill Wendy Davis filibustered last week seems tailor made to offer a counterpoint. State Senator Donna Campbell supports SB5. In fact, she is the Senator who called the point of order which ended Davis’ filibuster. She is also an emergency room physician. Here’s a portion of her online bio:

Dr. Campbell is a double board-certified physician in Ophthalmology and
Emergency Medicine. At the time of her election to the Texas Senate she
was the Medical Director at Columbus Community Hospital Emergency
Department and worked full time at a free-standing emergency room in
Houston. Through her volunteer medical work with Christian Eye
Ministries, Dr. Campbell has performed hundreds of eye surgeries in the
West African nation of Ghana.

SB5 has been put on trial by the national media. But it’s a show trial where only the witness for the prosecution gets on the stand and only to answer softball questions. If the media wanted to cover this legislation with something approaching balance they would give Sen. Donna Campbell a chance to respond to Sen. Davis. So far only one network is giving her a chance: