Judge Nelson Denies Defense Request for Acquittal

After the prosecution rested its case today, defense attorney Mark O’Mara made an argument for acquittal based on the failure of the state to make its case.

The specifics of the Florida case law involved won’t be that compelling to non-attorneys. However O’Mara’s recitation of the evidence presented at trial is interesting. O’Mara argues at length that the state has not come close to demonstrating the necessary components of murder 2, i.e. ill will and hatred. Take this as a partial preview of the defense’s closing argument, albeit one that relies entirely on witnesses presented by the state.

Judge Debra Nelson did not grant the acquittal the defense was seeking. However trial observers have for the most part been unimpressed by the prosecution’s case. In an overview of the case so far, Reuters writes While some experts have credited prosecutors with buildingthe best case possible out of sometimes murky evidence, theygenerally see the case as falling short of proving second-degreemurder beyond a reasonable doubt.