Wendy Davis Knows Who the 'Real Texans' Are

Wendy Davis Knows Who the 'Real Texans' Are

Last Friday CNN published a commentary piece by State Senator Wendy Davis which uses the refrain “real Texans” ten times. The piece, headlined “It’s the real Texans who count” implies that Republicans in the state are not real Texans.

Davis writes “Enough to using Texas as a political laboratory for testing far-right ideas…And enough of politicians listening only to each other, rather than real Texans.” The phrase real Texans comes up nine more times in the 700 word piece.

Davis seem to have an idea who real Texans are She writes that during her filibuster “real Texans — ultimately –decided to make their voices heard.” Apparently real Texans oppose SB5. She also writes that “Real Texans believe in looking out for each other.” It turns out this means supporting Medicaid expansion under Obamacare.

Real Texans, in other words, are those who agree with Wendy Davis, not Republicans and definitely not conservatives.

Back in October 2008, Sarah Palin made some similar comments about “real Americans” during campaign stops. Senator Obama’s campaign spokesman promptly sent an email to reporters asking “What part of the country isn’t pro-America?” Palin at first attempted to clarify her remarks with reporters but it was too late.

Her comments were labeled a “smug Republican lie” by some. Other commentators suggested it was probably a coded racial comment with “real Americans” being white Americans. Palin later apologized for having given anyone the impression that she believed there was such a thing as real Americans.

Give the history let’s ask a simple question of State Senator Wendy Davis: Who is not a real Texan?