Cory Booker: My Friend T-Bone (Video)

It’s a story that Newark Mayor Cory Booker has told many times over the years, especially during his first campaign back in 2002. Cory Booker says he befriended a young drug dealer named T-Bone who threatened to kill him but later burst into tears in his car before disappearing into the mean streets of Newark forever.

But as National Review revealed today, there is a good reason T-Bone disappeared: T-Bone never existed in the first place.

Rutgers University history professor Clement Price tells NRO that Booker admitted to him that T-Bone was a “composite” character. Since making the admission in 2008, references to T-Bone have been dropped from Booker’s speeches.

But back in February 2007 Booker gave a speech at The New School in New York in which he told the story of T-Bone. Here are all the references to T-Bone from that speech edited together into one clip:

The story of Booker’s first attempt to get elected Mayor of Newark is told in an excellent documentary available online.