NPR Cutting Staff by 10 Percent

National Public Radio’s board decided in a closed door meeting Thursday night to make buyout offers to employees in an effort to reduce staff by about 10 percent.

The Washington Post reports that NPR currently has a staff of about 840, so the current plan would cut approximately 80-85 staff members. This follows a cut of two programs and 8 percent of staff in 2008. NPR has a $6.1 million budget deficit this year which it is attempting to close with the buyouts.

In addition to the staff cuts, NPR’s current CEO is leaving for a job at National Geographic. He will be replaced temporarily by Paul Haaga, a member of NPR’s board.

Only a small amount (about 2 percent) of NPR’s budget comes directly from taxpayers however the organization collects dues from stations nationwide that carry it’s programming. Those stations get approximately 15 percent of their money from the government.