Video: Westgate Mall Survivor Begged Gunmen Not to Shoot Women and Children

An incredible interview from KTN Kenya featuring one of the “presenters” who was co-hosting the cooking competition that was taking place in Westgate Mall when the attack happened.

The Master Chef competition had drawn a large crowd of women and children. Suddenly he heard explosions and then gunshots from elsewhere in the mall. At first he believed someone was attempting to rob the mall and that the violence would be limited to a small area. But then a grenade went off blinding his left eye. When he looked up he saw two men with guns.

One of the gunmen noticed the crowd was made up of mostly women and children. The presenter pleaded with them not to harm them, but the gunman replied “you didn’t spare our women and children.” They opened fire on the crowd. The presenter says they were not trying to scare, they were aiming low to kill as many in the cowering crowd as possible.

The man and his wife were allowed to leave when the gunmen learned they
were Muslims. Despite this and the injuries they sustained, the presenter claims “This is not Islam. Islam is something else altogether. Islam is peace.”