Chris Christie Getting 30 Percent Support from New Jersey's Black Voters

Chris Christie’s crossover appeal is unlike that of any other Republican. Real Clear Politics reports that a series of polls in New Jersey show Christie getting more than 30 percent support from black voters:

In a Quinnipiac poll released on Wednesday, Christie leads Buono by the eye-popping margin of 64 percent to 30 percent.

Even more stunning, while just 9 percent of African-American voters
cast their ballots for the Republican in 2009, he currently earns 36
percent of the black vote, according to the new poll.

Though the sample size of black voters polled by Quinnipiac was
small, Christie has polled at or above 30 percent among
African-Americans in several other recent surveys.

To put that standing in recent historical perspective, no Republican
presidential, Senate, or gubernatorial candidate in the state Jersey has
topped 17 percent of the African-American vote in more than two

The RCP story is focused on support from black voters but Christie’s support from other segments of the population is equally impressive. He currently leads “61-32 percent among women” in the Quinnipiac poll.

Of course the election in New Jersey is more than a month away and it’s likely the race will continue to tighten somewhat. But at present Christie’s level of support is remarkable. If he could replicate this on the national stage it would make him a formidable candidate for President.