Was The Female Councillor The Mayor's Target?

In response to Video: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Attacks Female Councillor:

Far be it from me to defend the Mayor of Toronto….but it looks to me like he was trying to get around her and misjudged the space he needed for his wide girth to squeeze by. If you look at his face before he started charging, he was looking across the room (not in her direction) and as he slammed into the poor woman,  he seemed to be looking past her, at which point, he helped her back up, and bumbled awkwardly back to where he started.

Here’s what Fox News reported about the incident: 

The debate on the motion became heated after Ford paced around the council chamber and traded barbs with members of the public. The speaker asked security to clear the chamber and a recess was called. Members of the public chanted “Shame! Shame!” at the mayor.
Ford himself charged at the gallery at one point and almost knocked over a woman councilor.

The person doing the voice-over certainly thought he was attacking her, though.

One thing is for sure –  Mayor Ford is way out of control….