Wendy Davis Not a Big Fan of Charity

Wendy Davis talks often about her background growing up poor and later living in a trailer as she runs for Governor of Texas, but those experiences don’t seem to have shaped her attitude toward charity. Tax returns show that State Senator Davis made $284,183 in 2012 but donated only $950 to charity.

Davis is a partner in her own law firm which has led her income to double since 2010.  She made just over $130,000 in 2010. Most of the increase has come from her legal work for various public-sector entities such as the Fort Worth School District.

But based on her earlier returns, her attitude toward charity was not a one-time fluke. In 2011 Davis made $235,428 and donated $515 to charity. In 2010, when her income was much lower, she donated $2,700 to charity.

Davis announced her run for Governor after her filibuster to stop a bill regulating abortion made her a celebrity in the national media. Since then she has avoided the topic of abortion in her speeches and tried to focus on other issues including education.

Polls show Davis 15 points down to Republican Greg Abbott. That was up from an 8 point lead just a month earlier. The same poll found that Davis’ favorability rating had dropped significantly. Davis now has a 42-36 negative from Texas voters.