Gov. Christie Responds to OFA's "Pajama Boy" Meme: Get Out of Your PJs and Volunteer

Yesterday OFA tweeted out an image of a young man in hipster glasses and zip-up pajamas, encouraging everyone to “get talking” about Obamacare over the holidays. The image was roundly mocked on the right, which of course led to push back from the left.

Today, Governor Christie of New Jersey responded to the OFA ad with a similarly designed ad about volunteering and the hashtag “#GetOutOfYourPJs”:

Not everyone was happy about the Governor stomping on the White House’s meme. Chris Hayes tweeted out this cryptic response (It stands for “Give me a ___ break”).

You have to give the big man credit. With one tweet he embarrassed the White House, irritated the left, won over a few people on Twitter and, hopefully, encouraged some volunteerism. Not a bad day at the office.