Obama’s Facebook Page Plastered with Messages Promising Iranian Resistance

Obama’s Facebook Page Plastered with Messages Promising Iranian Resistance

Hundreds of messages proclaiming Iranian resistance to the United States have been published as comments on Barack Obama’s official Facebook page.

“Hey America, Be Angry at Us and Die of This Anger, Go Die” is one of many which have appeared on the official Facebook page today. Others are more blunt. “Mr. President Obama… Our country is ready for American soldiers in mass graves” reads one such message. “Down with America” appears on the site and “Death to Israel” has also been posted in Arabic numerous times in the last few hours.

The flood of messages appear to be part of a coordinated effort by people associated with Iranian hardliners. Several of the messages mention Ayatollah Khamenei. One message posted in Arabic by someone named Ali reads “Long live the Islamic Republic of Iran.” Another blunt statement posted in English by someone named Abofazl reads “Obama is the soldier of satan and usa is the big satan.”

All of the anti-US comments have been posted as responses to ordinary OFA fundraising or messaging efforts, none of which appear to mention Iran in any way. Posts near the top of the page have been hit with the most comments but even posts as old as early December have received similar comments in both Arabic and English. 

One item which has been posted numerous times by different users is a short letter in Arabic along with a rough translation into English. It reads:

When you say, the final option (military ) is on the table we also say ” answer or Khamenei ” is on the table
You do not have to do anything
Iran has always win
Iran rather than sanctions and threats of fear nor grief for sacrificing youth !
If you thought the dust from our feet makes sanctions , you thought wrong
Our children are brave and courageous, Sayyid Ali Khamenei
Weare the children of the eight -year sacred defense tight fist with yourmouth , and the arrogance of America strike on January 9 again provedtoo Covenant
We ‘re standing desperate !
No doubt this revolution by the people and the leadership of Imam Khamenei
It will take its course
We’re desperate
Imam Khomeini: America can not do anything

It’s difficult to identify when the messages began. Some were appearing on the site yesterday but they seem to have peaked after noon EST today.

President Obama has been negotiating a deal with Iran which would ostensibly prevent the country from seeking nuclear weapons. The initial 6-month deal was announced at the end of last month. The deal immediately came under fire and the President himself said it was a 50-50 proposition.

Iran’s position has been that it is only seeking nuclear technology for peaceful, power-generating purposes. Some outside observers doubt this is the case and suggest Iran is simply taking advantage of a weakened President.

OFA did not respond to a request for comment in time to be included in this story.