Poll Shows Christie Regaining Political Strength

Governor Chris Christie is down but not out. That’s the conclusion of a poll published Tuesday by McClatchy.

The new poll results show Governor Christie is not the candidate he once was. In a hypothetical 2016 match-up with Hillary Clinton he trails her by 11 points, 53-42. That’s up substantially from February when the gap was 21 points. It’s also the second best performance of any GOP contender considered in the poll versus Clinton.

Still it’s a long way from last fall when polls routinely showed Christie either just ahead or just behind Hillary Clinton in similar match-ups. For instance this Quinnipiac poll from November showed Christie edging out Clinton 43-42.

Those results came before the Bridgegate scandal became a major national news story. A recent investigation by attorneys with connections to the Christie administration found that Christie did not know about the closing of lanes on the George Washington bridge beforehand. Two other investigations into the lane closings are still underway.

Other presumed Republican contender came in several points behind Christie, save one. In a match-up against Jeb Bush, Hillary wins by 16 points. Against Ted Cruz, she wins by 15. Against Rand Paul, it’s a 14 point win. Former VP candidate Paul Ryan was the best of the bunch and the only Republican to outperform Christie. He trailed Hillary by just 8 points, 51-43.


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