U.S., Obama Continue Funding Terrorists In Middle East

“US aid indirectly helps Hamas, under deal with Palestinian Authority”

That is the headline over at FOX News, regarding the Palestinian Authority sending 3,000 “unit government police officers to the Gaza strip.

 Was there every any question that U.S. tax dollars were going to subsidized terrorist activities in the Palestinian territory, and other Middle East countries?

 Over the years, U.S. aid to Arafat’s PLO, and to the subsequent Palestinian governments has gone to fund terrorism, and any future aid will go to that same cause, as well. So, let’s not sound so alarmed that U.S. aid could, and would fund Hamas and other terrorist groups they are affiliated with.

 “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — whose refusal to release the final batch of convicted Palestinian terrorists from Israeli custody was blamed by the Palestinians for finally derailing the peace talks — was scathing in his criticism of PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

“It’s a blow to Israel; it’s a blow to peace,” Netanyahu said. “It’s a terrible blow to the Palestinian people, because they must choose… whether they want to go forward or go backward. Yesterday, with the pact with Hamas, the Palestinian people… took a huge step backward, away from peace, away from a good future for themselves.”-FOX