Breitbart's Gorka on FNC: Ottawa Shooting is 'Wake-up Call' for North America

Breitbart's Gorka on FNC: Ottawa Shooting is 'Wake-up Call' for North America

Breitbart National Security editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends First” on Thursday to provide updates on the terrorist shooting incident in Ottawa, Canada that claimed the life of one Canadian soldier on Wednesday.

“Dr. Gorka, unconfirmed reports this morning that the shooter had ties to ISIS. What are you hearing?” he was asked.

“Some very, very interesting reports coming out of Canada,” Gorka said. “There was a Twitter account that has been suspended overnight in which ISIS claims responsibility for this individual, shows a photograph of him with an ISIS jihadi flag, so that’s very interesting news connecting it to the fight in the Middle East.”

“Additionally, there are reports from Canadian television that the individual who was shot dead, the suspect, was actually the son of the deputy commissioner for immigration and refugees, so all kinds of fascinating questions about the internal threat to Canada and how that could be related to the threat to the United States as well.”

“Canada is not really a place where you see this type of violence,” the host prompted.

“Actually, there are some issues with Canada,” Gorka explained. “The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have admitted they have 90 potential jihadis that they are investigating who have travelled to fight abroad. This is not a surprise for people who follow the terrorist threat to North America, but the nature of this attack, the fact that the individual was firing shots, allegedly, right outside the room where the Prime Minister was actually speaking, this is a real wake-up call for everyone in North America.”

“What should average Americans be thinking right now?” Gorka was asked.

“They have to be in a slightly heightened state of awareness,” Gorka responded. “This is what we call ‘tactical awareness.’ In general, you have to walk through life a little bit more awake, because it’s the beat cop, it is the average citizen that unfortunately, in these cases, is the first line of defense against these kinds of attacks.”

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