Tucker Carlson Calls on Justice Dept to Launch Investigation Into ‘Hollywood’s Culture of Systematic Sexual Abuse’

Tuesday on his Fox News Channel program, host Tucker Carlson called on the Department of Justice to launch an investigation into the alleged “systematic sexual abuse” in Hollywood.

The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host argued as the allegations about Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein are becoming public, the federal government’s involvement was warranted, and there was a precedent for it.

“Now isolated incidents happen, but this is a trend,” he said. “Sexual abuse is epidemic in Hollywood. The people in charge have covered it up and made excuses for it, in each case protecting the powerful from the powerless and the abused. It is time for the federal government to get involved. The Department of Justice should launch an immediate investigation into Hollywood’s culture of systematic sexual abuse. There’s ample precedent for this. Under Obama, the Department of Education launched more than 300 investigations into schools across the country, ranging from Harvard all the way down to Cisco Junior College. All of them sought to expose and punish schools it said violated federal law by enabling cultures of sexual harassment and assault.”

“The Department of Defense has spent years trying to root out sexual assaults in the armed services,” he continued. “When Jerry Sandusky’s crimes were exposed at Penn State, the federal government launched not one, but two investigations into the failure of the school to discover and report his abuse. For years, Democratic senators have taken the lead in condemning institutional sexual abuse. They’ve held hearings, press conferences, issued statements. Now, because one of their own donors has been accused, they are silent. But there is no reason this ought to be a partisan issue. Democrats in Congress say they care about women. Now we’ll see if they mean it.”

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