Tucker Carlson: Left Sees Voting Rights for Illegal Immigrants as a Way to Obtain Power

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,”

Transcript as follows:

CARLSON: In the 1990s, Bill Clinton pledged to deport illegal immigrants. He got elected on that pledge. In the 2000s, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton touted their efforts to secure the border.

Then, as president, Obama created DACA and other programs to block deportation for certain favored illegal immigrant groups.

Now, in the Trump presidency, the mask is off. The left tells us that no illegal immigrant should ever be deported, even ones who have committed crimes. Not only that, they should be allowed to vote.

Cesar Vargas and Jennifer Palmieri have both hinted about that recently on this show. Watch.


CESAR VARGAS, NEW YORK’S FIRST UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANT ATTORNEY: I do believe that we should have universal voting for everyone to ensure that everyone has –

CARLSON: For citizens of other countries? So, Putin should be able to vote here?

VARGAS: No taxation without representation. I believe that. That’s a fundamental of this nation.

CARLSON: So, everybody in the world who comes to the United States and buys a deck of Marlboros and pays a sales tax is entitled to vote. That’s what you’re saying.

VARGAS: If that person comes here to contribute to the country, let him have a say in his government. Simple as that.

CARLSON: Oh, let foreigners vote. I hope the Democratic Party runs on that. I think it would be a fun election.

But the details matter. So, you said that non-citizens should never vote in elections. I would argue that your party will overtake you on that question soon, but we will see.

JENNIFER PALMIERI, FORMER OBAMA WHITE HOUSE COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR: Well, maybe if Congress never does anything to address immigration.


CARLSON: Would any other country tolerate that? Would that idea be taken seriously any place but in the United States?

Mexico doesn’t take it seriously. In fact, the Mexican explicitly says “Foreigners shall not in any way involve themselves in the political matters of the country.” Nobody is attacking Mexico for that. Mexico is not being denounced as racist for not letting Salvadoran vote because it’s obvious only Mexicans should dictate Mexican politics. That’s why Mexico is a country.

Only in the United States is there a different standard and it’s because the left sees the new standard as a way to obtain power and hold it forever.

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