Dem Rep. Hill: ‘Dangerous’ Trump Cares More About Business Than the American People

Thursday on MSNBC’s “All In,” Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) said President Donald Trump and the people working for him cared more about protecting his business interests than protecting the American people.

Hill said, “The pieces I’m most interested in are these conflicts of interest pieces. Because  I think there are sign after sign showing that Trump and his allies, the appointees, the people working for him care more about business interests and who they’re protecting than they do about the American people. And I think that’s incredibly dangerous, disturbing, something we need to watch closely. So I want to focus on the conflicts of interest.”

She continued, “I also think the debts and payments around the influence of the election is something we need to pay attention to. They are attempts to undermine our values and undermine democracy, western democracy as it is. So all of that needs to be exposed as much as we possibly can so we can move forward. This is a travesty.”

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