Sanders: ‘Absolutely’ Would Intervene Militarily if China Took Action Against Taiwan

In an interview which aired Sunday on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) told Anderson Cooper he would “absolutely” use military action to intervene if China were to use military action against Taiwan.

Cooper asked, “You said you believe in diplomacy, you’re concerned Donald Trump will get us into an unnecessary war. Are there situations where you believe military action is warranted?”

“Absolutely. Of course I do. You know, hopefully as rare as possible, but, you know, we have the best military in the world.”

Sanders then expounded on what would be the criteria for taking military action.

“Threats against the American people, to be sure, threats against our allies,” Sanders outlined. “I believe in NATO. I believe that the United States, everything being equal, should be working with other countries in alliance, not doing it alone.”

“If China took military action against Taiwan, is that something you would — ” Cooper asked as Sanders cut him off.

“That’s something, yeah,” Sanders interrupted. “I think we have got to make it clear to countries around the world that we will not sit by and allow invasions to take place, absolutely.”

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