Hillary Clinton: I ‘Begrudgingly’ Give Breitbart News ‘A Lot of Credit’ for Leading the Narrative

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nominee, said Sunday on CNN that she “begrudgingly” gives Breitbart News “a lot of credit” for its ability to shape a narrative.

Host Fareed Zakaria said, “There was an article in Vox, and I don’t know if you saw it, on Super Tuesday, on Facebook, the single most searched article —the single searched news topic was Hillary Clinton’s e-mails.”

Clinton said, “I’ll tell you what I make of it, is that Fox and the sort of right-wing echo chamber has mastered Facebook, aided and abetted, might I say, by Facebook. So I read that article and what that said to me was here it’s Super Tuesday, the Democrats are trying to decide who they want to nominate against Donald Trump, the Coronavirus is spreading, we now have more and more reports from different places in the country, but led by Fox News and Breitbart and others, it’s going to be about my e-mails. A totally, you know, bogus, finished, nonsense attack on me because they know how not only to drive those stories under the radar screen where the mainstream press like yourself are covering. You know, what’s happening now, but they know how to deliver those stories through the algorithms into the feeds of millions and millions of people.”

She added. “So I begrudgingly give them a lot of credit because they are shaping a narrative that is part of the messaging around Trump’s re-election, around people who challenge Trump, changing the subject all of the time.”

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