MSNBC’s Heilemann: Wednesday Will Be ‘Big Chapter’ in ‘Death of the Modern Republican Party’

Monday, MSNBC contributor John Heilemann sounded the alarm on what he says is the nearing end of the Republican Party.

Heilemann said on “Morning Joe” that “we are witnessing the end” of the GOP in large part due to President Donald Trump. He went on to predict Wednesday’s objection of the Electoral College votes led by a group of Republican lawmakers will be “a big chapter in the book about the death of the modern Republican Party.”

“If David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler win these runoff races that they should have won by all normal metrics, the Republicans in Georgia in a runoff where the turnouts should go down, et cetera, et cetera, it will be largely because of Donald Trump. Donald Trump and his allies who have done everything in their power to depress turnout on the Republican side in Georgia,” Heilemann argued.

“It continues to boggle my mind that these otherwise — and, you know, Josh Hawley, not a dumb guy, Ted Cruz, not a dumb guy, these aren’t dumb people, but that they continue to … strap themselves to Donald Trump and his nihilistic impulses and what will be his nihilistic effect on the Republican Party,” he continued. “We are witnessing the end of your former party, Joe. It’s happening right before our eyes. And Wednesday is going to be a big chapter in the book about the death of the modern Republican Party.”

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