FL State Rep. Roach Proposes Bill Targeting Political Bias at Colleges; Says Colleges Are Pushing ‘Conformity’

Florida State Rep. Spencer Roach (R) on Tuesday appeared on FNC’s “Fox & Friends” to discuss his legislation to protect free speech on college campuses and fight against political bias. The bill passed the state’s House and Senate and is expected to be signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

Roach advised his bill is to combat the “conformity” under the guise of “diversity” pushed by universities.

“I looked at a national survey that was published in 2007 which found that 70 percent of college students surveyed felt that their university was committed to diversity when that question was asked about race, gender, or religious affiliation. But when that question was asked about political affiliation or diversity of viewpoint, that number dropped from 70 to 50 percent,” Roach outlined. “And so when you place a premium on people that look different but think the same, that’s not diversity, that’s conformity. What we’re trying to do here in Florida is ask our students and gauge is that a problem with Florida campuses?”

He added, “This bill would make it expressly clear that students have the right to record classroom lectures in the classroom only for educational use or in connection with the complaint. And it also prohibits students from publishing, from republishing that lecture, without the lecturer’s permission.”

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