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Jon Stewart Under Fire: Steven Crowder & Herman Cain Rip Off the Clown Nose


Nothing makes me happier than watching others treat Jon Stewart as the political, left-wing partisan that he is. This is EXACTLY how our side should be responding to Stewart: fighting back and giving as good as we get. Nothing less than our country is at stake, 2012 matters more than I can even begin to express, and Stewart has pretty much had free reign for years to define who in our political world is dumb, evil, racist, or all three — and it’s no coincidence that the dumb, evil racists are almost always Republican stars.

Yes, Stewart goes after Democrats. But only when they’re caught in a scandal that can’t be ignored or not being liberal enough. And Stewart almost never goes after Democrat stars in a way that undermines or negatively defines them.

Jon Stewart is a left-wing hatchet man disguised as a satirist and that disguise is one of his most potent weapons. Below you’ll see Steven Crowder and Herman Cain do the honorable work of starting to pull that disguise off of him.

I’m especially happy to see Fox News no longer taking Stewart’s dishonest attacks lying down. As Glenn Reynolds might say: More, please. Marginalizing and exposing Stewart for what he is, is (hyperbole warning!) good for America.





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