Same Jon Stewart Who Uses Race Card Doesn't Like Being Dealt One By Fox News


We live in a world where the word “basketball” is racist, where opposing ObamaCare is racist, where demanding the MSM investigate a sitting president’s background is racist, where the use of the word “foodstamps” is racist, where we’re told the word “socialist” really means the N-word and that a Tea Party gathering isn’t much better than a KKK rally.

These are the rules created by the race-obsessed Left and their allies in the media, not us. Furthermore, Stewart himself has not been above a little racial demagoguery — sorry, I mean “satire,” himself.

Maybe, just maybe, if Stewart had fought against this rampant PC-fascism wielded by those who can’t defend a failed president’s record; maybe if instead of wielding his own race card it when it suited him, he would have some kind of defense. Instead he wants it both ways, and with the absurd defense below (as though none of us are paying attention to his race-bating past) Stewart’s only succeeded in slow-motioning his brand-damaging trainwreck for another day.

Clown nose on:


You’re doing the Lord’s work, Fox News.

More, please.


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