Nolte: BET Founder Robert Johnson Calls for Independent Black Lives Matter Political Party

BET founder and NBA Charlotte Bobcats owner Robert Johnson listens during a celebration of
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Black Entertainment Television (BET) founder Robert Johnson is calling on Black Lives Matter to break away from the Democrat Party to form an independent political party.

Joe Biden’s racist “you ain’t black” comment appears to have been what motivated Johnson to come up with this idea.

During a Tuesday morning appearance on CNBC, the billionaire explained, “I’ve been convinced for a long time that 40 millions African Americans who tend to vote as a bloc in one of the two parties limit their leverage in getting action from both parties.”

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Last week, Johnson wrote a letter to Black Lives Matter urging them to do exactly that:

I am writing to you with a suggestion that Black Lives Matter (BLM) consider establishing a formal independent political party. The party could be founded on the principle articulated by the founding members of the Congressional Black Caucus in 1971.  That formative principle stated, “Black people have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies.…just permanent interests.”  The effort to create an independent Black party, created specifically to address Black issues, is not a new idea among Black people.  There are many people, both Black and white who believe that independent parties can make a significant contribution to the current political system as to how this nation of 300 million diverse citizens can be governed in the best interest of all Americans.  Many pundits will try to convince you that it is impossible for independent parties to exist in this country.  They will argue that the American people seem to be satisfied with just two choices.  To the contrary, I believe a politically astute and structured Black independent party, committed and engaged in the electoral process, can prove them wrong.

Earlier this month, Johnson argued for $14 trillion — with a “T” — in slavery reparations, which would be pretty difficult in a country that only has $1.5 trillion in cash floating around. Anyway…

On CNBC, Johnson expanded on his Black Lives Matter independent party idea: “I think it’s time African Americans to form an independent party, not be an appendage of one party or ignored by the other party.”

“Had African American interests been fully embraced by one of two of the dominant parties, we wouldn’t have the tremendous social and economic racial issues that we have now,” he continued.

Johnson added that he would like to see Black Lives Matter candidates run at all levels of government, local, state, and national.

Johnson admits it is too late for an independent party to gear up for this year, but believes now is the time to have the discussion. “As you can see, the Democrat Party is terrified of the notion that black folks might either vote a protest vote at the top of the ticket or decide to sit this out.”

As an example of how the Democrat Party takes the black vote for granted, Johnson referred back to Biden’s declaration last month that black people who don’t vote for him “ain’t black.” Johnson said this was a “horrific statement [that] reflects the need for a black independent party. That someone can be so presumptuous that you have to vote for a Democrat or otherwise you are not identified as black.”

“That is the principle reason why we need an independent black party — to change that kind of behavior so that we’re not taken for granted by the Democrats and ignored by the Republicans.”

Robert Johnson has been supportive of President Trump in the past, so fake journalists like the Daily Beast’s Sam Stein, who apparently didn’t listen to the full interview, are suggesting Johnson is floating an idea to split the Democrat vote in Trump’s favor. But as someone who did listen to the full interview, Johnson makes it pretty clear this can’t happen in 2020, so it will be of no help to Trump.

The good news is that someone with a credible voice in black America is finally speaking out against a Democrat Party that has not only taken the black vote for granted for more than half a century, but it is Democrat mayors who are solely responsible for every police department where deadly force has been used against an unarmed black American. What’s more, it is Democrats and left-wing celebrities who are always caught in blackface or using the N-word; it is the Democrat Party that runs every single city where black Americans are kept in poverty and despair. And as they defund the police, Democrats are about to once again prove just how little they care about black lives as they abandon black neighborhoods to rioters, gangs, cartels, looters, drug dealers, and armed criminals.

Democrats put the rights of illegal aliens over blacks by flooding urban America with illegal aliens who steal jobs and depress the wages of black Americans. Democrats put the rights of teachers unions above black Americans by blocking vouchers and charter schools… At some point, something’s gotta give.


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