The British National Party Open Food Banks For 'Indigenous Brits' Not 'Minorities'

The British National Party Open Food Banks For 'Indigenous Brits' Not 'Minorities'

The BNP has established a chain of door-to-door Food Banks that can only be used by “indigenous Brits” and not “minorities”. Nick Griffin MEP confirmed the usage policy on twitter after the party was attacked for using Food Banks to gain support ahead of the European Elections in May. 

The mobile Food Banks were pioneered in London last year, but schemes have now been established in the Midlands and the North-West. The Independent also report the BNP has established food stalls at various East London locations, including Havering. 

Nick Griffin MEP, took to twitter to say: “Congratulations to Mike Jones & all our foodbank pioneers. Crazed reaction from the Unite Against Fascism orc shows it’s the way ahead!” The crazed orc is believed to be a reference to Weyman Bennett, who campaigns to remove the right of free speech from extremists. 

He continued, “PS for the avoidance of doubt, our BNP food banks are for indigenous Brits only. ‘Minorities’ all have their own (taxpayer-funded) charities.”

The Electoral Commission, which regulates electoral practises in the UK, claimed to be unaware of the project. A spokeswoman said: “I assume if we knew it was going on, we would want to consider the matter and see whether anything needed to happen with it.”

It is a crime to “bribe or treat” electors but it does require an intent to influence how people vote. There is no suggestion that the law has been broken. 

The BNP has also produced a video explaining how to conduct “door-to-door food bank activism”. They advise members to take the electoral register, along with various food products.