UKIP Offer Manifesto Teaser, Claim to be 'Beyond Left vs Right' Politics

UKIP Offer Manifesto Teaser, Claim to be 'Beyond Left vs Right' Politics

UKIP’s director of policy Tim Aker MEP has given a tantalising glance at the thought processes and policies going into the party’s manifesto during a conversation with Prospect Magazine

Aker claims the party is moving beyond the “left-right, authoritarian-libertarian” paradigm with it’s manifesto which is set to be revealed at the party’s annual conference in Doncaster next month. 

The interview revealed that the manifesto has what appears to have red meat to lure disgruntled voters from Labour and the Conservatives alike.

Without giving too much detail in terms of figures or precise policy, Aker has said the following, which Breitbart London has summarised for readers:


  • No Tax on the Minimum Wage, but falling short of the Liberal Democrats promise to raise the threshold for Income tax AND National Insurance contributions to £12,500;
  • 40p rate would rise to £45,000, taking many teachers and junior doctors out of the band, which Aker claims will “stop George Osborne’s fiscal drag for middle earners.”;
  • Abolition of top rate of tax;
  • No increase in retirement age.

The Budget & Government Departments

  • UKIP ‘determined’ to reduce the deficit;
  • Substantial cuts to Whitehall departments including the Department for Climate Change and Business, Innovation and Skills;
  • Abolition of the Climate Change Act;
  • “Foreign Aid an obvious target” for cuts;
  • Creation of a new government ‘Veterans Department’ to bring all veteran support organisations “under one roof”.


  • UKIP supports the benefits cap;
  • Child benefit to be limited to two children only;
  • Opposition to the Coalition’s ‘Bedroom Tax’;
  • No benefits to be given to migrants who haven’t paid Income Tax and National Insurance contributions for five years;
  • Higher Job Seekers’ benefit to be paid to those who “who work and pay into the pot”.


  • According to Aker punitive taxation is not the cure for inequality, access to the best quality education is;
  • A ‘Complete Skills Review’ and increased Vocational training are mentioned. Presumably UKIP won’t be dropping it’s support for Grammar schools.


  • UKIP calls for the UK to adopt an Australian points-based immigration system, which is also used in other anglophone countries like Canada;
  • “a condition of entry to Britain [will be to] have health insurance that the NHS recognises. Show your passport, show your medical insurance–simple.”;
  • Boosting the strength of the border force.


  • Through a policy of ‘direct democracy’ citizen petitions will trigger referenda if they attain a certain size.

The full UKIP manifesto will be unveiled at their September conference, to be held in Doncaster. Breitbart London has sought clarification on a number of points raised by Aker in the interview, including as to whether the EU’s health card will be considered a valid form of medical insurance, and whether or not certain promises have been fully costed.


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