£1.3 Million Taxpayers Money Pays For Giant Gypsy Drugs Factory

Cannabis Farm Gypsy

A gypsy group given a £1,343,203 government grant to improve their way of life decided to instead invest the money to reap greater rewards in the long-term by building an enormous cannabis farm in Wales.

The gang, which received the funds from the devolved Welsh government to build a gypsy community centre and improve their caravan park might have got away with the unconventional business decision, had they not been spotted buying unusually large amounts of compost and gardening tools. The Daily Telegraph reports the farm could produce cannabis worth a quarter of a million pounds a year. The plants removed at the time of the police raid alone had a street value of some £70,000.

Unfortunately the taxpayer had no opportunity to make a return on the crop sales before the raid, as cannabis is illegal and therefore untaxable.

The money was originally paid to the group after an emotional appeal by the Gypsies, claiming they wanted to improve their lot for their families. Although some of the money was spent on building toilets and a hall, the remainder was apparently used to “landscape” the grounds – allowing twelve of the twenty-four plots officially registered there to be turned over to herbiculture.

After the money was awarded, the area became insular and cut off from the local community. A police spokesman said of the raid: “Before today, a small minority of individuals linked to the site had done their best to prevent outside engagement with the site, and it is now clear why.

“This now presents an opportunity to build bridges with people at this location and ensure their welfare. Those arrested today can expect to be dealt with robustly – we have specially trained officers who will utilise the Proceeds of Crime Act to ensure any assets suspected to be gained through criminality are seized”.

This isn’t the first time the Gypsy community has siphoned off British taxpayer money intended for legitimate purposes to enrich themselves and their families. Breitbart London reported on the extraordinary case of Ion Lazar, 36, who thanked Britain for giving him money he could send home to Romania. Of the £60,000 he was harvesting from the UK, he said: “I am very happy because in England I make this money. What can you say – thank you England, she has helped me. I have everything now. I think in two or three years I am going to make £60,000, maybe more.

“All the money that is coming from the benefit and my work is going to Romania because I have a family”.


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