‘Jihad Seekers Allowance’: Terrorists Claim £38,500 in Benefits, Even as They Fight in Syria

REUTERS/Paul Hackett
REUTERS/Paul Hackett

A total of 32 ‘Danish’ terrorists have continued to claim state unemployment benefits amounting to kr.400,000 (£38,500) while fully employing themselves in the act of Jihad in Syria.

Documents acquired by a Danish Radio24syv show the security service and labour ministry had undertaken private discussions about the mispayments, presumably terminating them as they were discovered, but not before a significant amount of taxpayer money had been funnelled to enemies of the state.

Remarkably, out of the 32 fighters claiming Denmark’s generous £75 a day only one had been recognised as fraudulent and stopped by his benefits office. Somehow the remainder had managed to keep claiming, despite not even being in the country.

The anti-Islamisation and Eurosceptic Danish People’s Party have spoken out against the welfare payments, calling the government “careless”. TheLocal.dk reports the spokesman’s comments: “There has been a lot of talk about how serious it is, but when it comes to the practical consequences we can see that nobody does anything.”

“I think that every single case should be turned over to the police immediately because you are not available to the job market when you are in the midst of Syria’s civil war and if we are to send a signal that we won’t accept these Syrian fighters going down there, we need to put more consequences in place”.

This is not the first time ‘Danish’ Jihadists have been found to be claiming benefits – last year 28 were discovered to have drawn government money for being unemployed while in Syria. It is not reported there was any punishment given to the fraudsters, other than 15 Jihadists being ordered to pay the money back.

Claiming unemployment benefit while conspiring against the host country appears to have become a key part of terrorist life in many Western nations. ‘British’ hate preacher Anjem Choudary was recorded in 2013 making mockery of Westerners who worked regular jobs and paid taxes, and called on Muslims to claim “Jihad Seekers Allowance” instead of working. He said: “You find people are busy working the whole of their life.

“They wake up at 7 o’clock. They go to work at 9 o’clock. They work for eight, nine hours a day. They come home at 7 o’clock, watch EastEnders, sleep, and they do that for 40 years of their life. That is called slavery”.


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