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Germany Sets Up High Security Migrant Camp For North African Delinquents

Migrant Camp
Spencer Platt/Getty

Scores of migrants with a history of delinquency and trouble making are being moved to a single camp with high fences and extra security. The camp in Stuttgart, Germany has been designated exclusively for men of North African origin.

The first group of 40 migrants was bussed in from the nearby town of Ellwangen this week, all of whom had been involved in a “large scale incident”, Stuttgarter Nachrichten reports. Half of them were “classified striking or delinquent” by the regional government office.

A spokesman for the office explained that the location had been carefully selected to secure and control the volatile group. “The terrain lends itself because it is fenced”, said Katja Lumpp. “We have increased the security service again, 40 people are now available around the clock. That’s a lot”, she added.

A different spokesman claimed that the move was about bringing the North Africans from rural to urban areas, as they are more likely to be deported than Syrians and Iraqis.

“We as a city do our best to cope with the refugee crisis. It is therefore only logical to work closely with the country and to provide them in urban areas”, said spokesman Sven Matis.

This might be the case, but it is also likely the authorities are working to avoid the sectarian and sexual violence, which has proven rife among the estimated 1.5 million new arrivals in Germany.

All of the migrants arriving at the new high security centre will be registered, have their fingerprints taken, and undergo a full medical examination by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees within 48 hours.

“So far everything is going well,” said Ms. Lumpp. A local police spokesman confirmed the plan seemed to be going well, with no disturbances reported so far.

“It’s all quiet, so far there are no incidents that would be of interest to the police,” he said. “This seems to work.”


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