Police Teach Migrants to Stay Away from German Women


As Police in Germany are teaching migrants how to treat German women, one journalist has said migrants should get German girlfriends to help them integrate.

Police in the town of Bad Oldesloe are sitting down with migrants to try and teach them how to interact with German women. In a retirement home police spoke with around 20 young Afghan men in an attempt to help them understand the social norms of the country they had come to.

In the end the message was clear to the migrants: keep German women at arms length.

Petra Gegner leads the group along with her colleagues at the local police department. She said to the migrants at the meeting, “You have certainly noticed that attitudes to refugees in the public has changed a bit,” and continued, “the population is very sensitive to the issue of refugees.

“Each one of you has the ability to help to reinforce or increase this fear by your behaviour.” the migrants don’t speak but simply nod, reports Spiegel Online.

According to the police in the area young Afghans have become a problem. Critics of the police often say that there is no difference between the young migrants and young German boys but the police do not agree.  In January of this year the district court in the area issued an arrest warrant for a 17 year old Eritrean migrant who is said to have attempted to rape a German girl in a parking garage.

Around half a dozen charges have also been laid on Afghani boys for sexual assault offences in Bad Oldesloe. The police say the incidents occur on a daily basis.

Critics of the police and their program to help educate the new migrants say that the police have it all wrong. They say that the migrants should be taught how to respect women and not to be afraid of them.

Journalist Heike Klovert goes even further and says that migrants should actively seek German girls out to be their girlfriends. “For young, male refugees, it would be particularly helpful to find a German girlfriend. They would quickly learn German and probably integrate faster,” she wrote.

Since the mass sex attacks that occurred on New Years Eve in Cologne the German public has been made acutely aware of the scale of migrant sex crimes. Breitbart London reports, on an almost daily basis, of sexual assaults that occur often on under-age girls by migrants and sometimes on underage boys.

Swimming pools and train stations have become focal points for sexual assaults with some pools attempting to ban migrants altogether, though they have often been brow beaten into giving up on the idea by pro-migrant critics.


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