Push To Hire Foreign Citizen Police Officers To Fight Migrant Crime


The German state of Bavaria is currently running a campaign to employ migrant police officers in order to help solve crimes involving migrants.

The Bavarian Interior Minister, Joachim Herrmann, made the announcement this week, stating “Our experience has shown that employees with foreign roots are more successful at finding a better approach to migrants” as they speak the same language, know how they think and can develop a “direct line” to them.

Announcing that it “would be no bad thing” to have “more foreign colleagues,” Augsburger-Allgemeine reported that the move had been considered for some time.

The force has been recruiting foreigners since 1993 and says it will not prioritise Germans over those without a passport. “I’m optimistic that in this way we can improve our ability to solve crimes and reduce conflict,” the Interior Minister said.

The Bavarian force has hired 160 police officers who don’t have German citizenship over the past 23 years including 57 Turkish citizens, 17 Italians, and 13 Croatians. They hope to hire as many as 1,000 new officers in the next few years.

This week, Breitbart London reported that in hiring unqualified translators, many migrants currently employed by the German state have maliciously falsified “translations” in order to negate abuse of Christian and Yazidi migrants, taking the side of their Sunni Muslim persecutors.

Bavaria has been one of the states most fiercely opposed to Chancellor Merkel’s “open-door” policy towards welcoming third-world migrants into the country, the majority of whom are unskilled and will cost Germany €100 billion in the first few years alone.

The sister party of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, the Christian Social Union (CSU), runs the state of Bavaria and its president, Horst Seehofer, in January threatened to sue Ms. Merkel unless she acted to introduce an annual limit of 200,000 migrants to the country and “effective border controls”.


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