Female Asylum Home Manager Told Migrant Boys: ‘Have Sex With Me Or I’ll Have You Deported’

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The matron of a shelter for unaccompanied child migrants in Sweden has been accused by two Afghani teenagers of forcing them to have sex with her on a number of occasions. The boys say she used a combination of threats and promises to entice them into sexual relations with her.

The two boys, Omid and Tariq, both in their late teens, arrived in Sweden last November and were placed in an unregistered migrant shelter in central Sweden. But according to the boys, the manager of that shelter forced them into sexual relations with her “four or five times,” threatening them with deportation if they did not go through with the acts, the Eskilstuna Courier has reported.

She is said to have told them: “If you do not have sex with me, I’ll call the Migration Board to report you,” and “I’ll ruin your case and have you expelled.” She is also said to have plied them with toiletries and clothes in a bid to bribe them into having sex with her.

The acts are said to have taken place at a hotel and also at the manager’s home, where she gave them alcohol. “She said ‘it’s good if you drink alcohol before sex. I like that’,” one of the boys told the paper, adding that he didn’t drink the alcohol as he doesn’t like it.

At times the boys say they were forced to have sex with the woman together, while at others, Omid had intercourse with her while Tariq filmed it. The recordings have been seen by the Courier, which has verified that sex acts can be seen taking place in the film. The boys have reported that she did not mind them filming the events, telling them that when they missed her they could watch the films.

They have also alleged that she brought other women from the neighbourhood to have sex with them.

Both of the boys are reported to have been deeply upset by the events, not least as sex before marriage is considered sinful in Afghanistan and can carry a death penalty. “If they found out about what happened in our homeland Afghanistan, we would be stoned to death,” they told the paper.

But they are also upset that no help was forthcoming from the authorities, despite the boys reporting what had taken place to both social services and the police.

“The manager forced us and used us for sex. She knew that neither the social services or the police would help us,” they said.

Omid says he is now suffering from depression, and both boys have expressed a wish to live with relatives in Sweden and resume schooling. “We just want to relax and live in peace. But we are afraid. Very afraid,” they said.

When contacted by the Courier the manager denied the charges, saying: “It’s lies. It never happened. There is so much mudslinging in this business.”

Upon being shown the films of the sex taking place she accused the boys of blackmail, asking :“Why would someone agree to the filming of something that is forbidden?”

The home has now been closed by the authorities while police investigate the matter.

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