Police Contacted over ‘Racist’ Posters Saying ‘White Lives Matter’, ‘It’s Okay to Be White’


Police have been contacted and politicians outraged after “racist” and “offensive” posters saying ‘it’s okay to be white’ and ‘white lives matter’ were seen in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The stickers were discovered in the Morningside — a well-known and well-to-do area in the Scottish capital with a reputation for snootiness — by a local woman, who moved quickly to rip them down and contact the city council and community council, who referred the matter to the police.

“I was pretty shocked when I first saw the stickers. And then I thought, ‘if you live in a racist society, you can’t be surprised that there is racism in your neighbourhood’,” the woman mourned in comments to Edinburgh Live.

“I was glad that there was something I could do – I took down all I could (more than 20) and reported it to the City Council and my community council, who logged it with the community police team,” she added.

“It’s not much, but I would urge anyone who sees things like this to do the same. If we want our society to be better, we have to step up as individuals.”

Ian Murray, the local MP and Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland for the Labour party, also weighed in, saying: “We can’t pretend that Scotland is immune from hatred and intolerance.”

“Thank you to the local resident who took the time to remove all these offensive stickers. We all have a duty to take a stand against racism,” he added.

The ‘it’s okay to be white‘ slogan has its origins on internet messageboards, with users allegedly believing putting up posters bearing the seemingly innocuous phrase would trigger a “massive media s***storm” and be branded tantamount to an expression of racism and white supremacy. If true, it appears left-liberal politicians and law enforcement have consistently taken the bait.

The ‘white lives matter’ slogan is a more recent phenomenon, arising in response to the popularisation of the ‘black lives matter’ slogan by many mainstream media pundits, politicians, and campaigners, and has tended to receive much the same sort of responses as ‘it’s okay to be white’.

In one high-profile incident, a banner bearing the ‘white lives matter’ slogan was flown over a football match in Burnley shortly three white people were stabbed to death by a migrant terrorist in a public park in Reading.

The stunt earned widespread condemnation, with a football club referenced in the banner saying the man responsible was not welcome at their stadium and his employer firing him after he was identified.

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