UK Open University Teaches ‘Cancel Culture’ Is a Good Thing for ‘Racial/Social Justice’

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An anti-racism course given to academics at publicly-funded universities across Britain has claimed that cancel culture benefits “racial/social justice”.

Academics across Britain have been told that cancel culture has provided “benefits” for “racial/social justice” in a course administered across the United Kingdom.

Provided by the Open University, the ‘Union Black’ training program, which was allegedly designed to “drive cultural change across the higher education sector”, reportedly claims that “cancel culture” allows “people or entities” to be held “accountable for immoral or unacceptable behaviour”.

According to an article published by The Telegraph on Saturday, the programme — which received £500,000 (~$616,000) of Santander investment — was administered at nearly 100 different universities across the United Kingdom, and allegedly included documents describing “cancel culture” as “a last-ditch appeal for justice”.

“[W]e still live in a racist society,” the course material claims, also asserting that “white people have a responsibility to solve the problem of racism”.

“In relation to racial/social justice, cancel culture has been shown to realise benefits,” it also claimed, reportedly describing the phenomenon as “mobilising public opinion and sharing collective expressions of moral outrage”.

In regards to the “cancellation” of a target, however, the course encourages participants to employ “due diligence” before rendering anyone a social pariah.

The Union Black training course is only the latest instance of hardcore progressive ideology appearing within the British education system.

Another recent example involved a number of local Brtitish councils hiring a firm dedicated to “anti-racist” education to hold diversity training sessions for local nursery staff.

The Black Nursery Manager — the firm hired by the local councils — was described as providing a “Maoist” type curriculum by one critic, with the group’s site advertising courses instructing participants on “anti-racist practice” and “inclusive play”.

Meanwhile, the head of the organisation has in the past stated that she hated the British government, which she described as being an agent of “white supremacy”.

Nevertheless, it appears that this trend of hard-left education will not cease anytime soon, with a spokesman for Open University seemingly backing the group’s Union Black course in a statement given to The Telegraph.

“We are proud to have worked together with Santander on developing this course which is aimed at increasing awareness of racism and building allyship to support inclusion,” the publication reported the representative as saying.

“Feedback from participants on the course has been extremely positive, and we are recommending it to staff and students across all UK universities,” they reportedly continued.

Britain has been governed by the Conservative Party, currently led by Boris Johnson, since 2010, which strikes a posture of opposing “cancel culture” and woke ideology in the public sector but has done little — if anything — to prevent its spread.

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