Gun Stores Could Take a Cue from Planned Parenthood

Facebook/We the People Against Tyranny
Facebook/We the People Against Tyranny

On September 28 Breitbart News reported that High Bridge Arms–San Francisco’s last remaining gun store–would be closing its doors for good in October after being shackled by a relentless spree of city and state-level gun control regulations.

Ironically, gun stores like High Bridge Arms might be able to take a page from the playbook of leftist organizations like Planned Parenthood and block many of these regulations or have them erased altogether.

Think about it–High Bridge Arms is shackled by city ordinances governing magazine capacity limits, a ban on the sale of hollow-point ammunition, the location of exterior cameras, and state-level bans on handgun advertisements and special directives on how allowed gun advertisements must be fashioned and where they can be displayed.On top of these things, SFist reports that San Francisco supervisor Mark Farrell (District 2) wants to require gun stores to video every gun sale–and also “require that all gun and ammunition buyers’ names, birthdates, addresses and driver’s license numbers be supplied to the San Francisco Police Department.”

In similar fashion, Planned Parenthood found itself shackled with regulations that would have resulted in the closure of 75 percent of its clinics in Texas via House Bill 2 in 2013. The Center for Reproductive Rights reports that HB 2 included “a requirement that abortion providers obtain admitting privileges at local hospitals and a requirement that every health care facility offering abortion services meet the same building specifications as ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs).”

Whole Woman’s Health of McAllen filed suit against the regulations in Whole Women’s Health v. Cole and ultimately secured an injunction against them, albeit via a circuitous route. They ACS requirement is currently blocked statewide, and the admitting requirement is blocked in part of the state.

Whole Women’s Health argued that “Laws that require abortion providers to have admitting privileges at hospitals have no medical justification. Similarly, laws that require facilities providing abortion to meet ambulatory requirements do nothing to improve the quality of health services, and simply single out abortion providers for costly and unnecessary facility modifications.”

It is no stretch to argue that the numerous gun controls added to point of sale for law-abiding citizens does little–if anything–to reduce gun crime but go a long way in unduly burdening lawful, licensed gun dealers–even to the point of forcing closure. High Bridge Arms is a case in point.

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