Thai Police: Iranian Terrorists Visited Sex Workers Prior to Arrest

According to Thai police, the Iranians who tried to bomb Israeli diplomats in Bangkok visited hookers prior to their arrest.  As Fox News reports, “The Iranians hung out with several female sex workers during their stay there, and one of the women was brought to Bangkok to identify the suspects on Thursday, said Lt. Col. Noppon Kuldiloke, a senior immigration police investigator in southern Thailand.”

This seems to be a pattern among terrorists and would-be terrorists: the ceremonial trip to the local strip club or red district. The 9-11 plotters famously attended strip clubs; Mohammad Atta reportedly dropped $200 to $300 on lap dances. This is a clue that law enforcement should not ignore. Respect for privacy does not dictate stupidity when it comes to profiling – if people of Muslim persuasion are suddenly visiting ladies of the night, that’s a fact worthy of investigation.

The hypocrisy here is breathtaking, of course. But let’s not fall into the ideological trap that suggests that radical Muslims engage prostitutes and plant bombs because they’re simultaneously attracted and repulsed by Western permissiveness. They plant bombs and visit prostitutes largely because they hate women. They don’t see prostitution as female empowerment – they see it for what it is, degradation of females. And they love it for that, since they’re sexists.

Contrary to popular opinion, the problem with the radical Muslim world isn’t that it’s undersexed – it’s that it has no respect for women as independent, freethinking human beings. Want to fight Islamism? Don’t send them hookers. Teach them to respect strong women who respect themselves.