Karzai Demands Tribute: $2 Billion per Year After Afghan Pullout

Karzai Demands Tribute: $2 Billion per Year After Afghan Pullout

When Islamic religious materials containing “extremist messages or inscriptions” were burned at Bagram Air Field in February, Afghan President Karzai was among the first to call for U.S. troops to face swift justice for it. 

And when, a month later, 17 Afghans were allegedly killed by U.S. Staff Sergeant Robert Bales, Karzai called it “unforgivable” and decried again and again the “intentional murders.” And when the Taliban rose up over the weekend, wreaking havoc in Afghanistan, Karzai blamed it on supposed intelligence failures within the U.S.-led NATO forces there. But he was quick to add that “Afghan security forces [have proven] themselves capable of defending their country and providing security.”

In others words, if those murderous, inept, U.S. infidels would get out of the way, Afghan forces could handle things on their own. Except for one little caveat: Karzai wants Obama to give him $2 billion a year in aid once the U.S. pulls out in 2014.

We have lost nearly 1,800 troops since 2001 in our attempt to liberate Afghanistan from animals like the Taliban. Under Obama alone we have lost nearly 1,200. And guess what?–many of these troops were killed by the very people they were sent to protect and/or train. 

That’s right; they were killed by those Afghan security forces of which Karzai is so proud. Where is his apology for those intentional murders? Where is his remorse for the untold numbers of grieving U.S. families who’ve sacrificed their loved ones to see Afghanistan freed, if possible, from barbarism?

Someone needs to let Karzai know he’s (hopefully) getting only one of his two wishes: namely, the U.S. is leaving Afghanistan. As for the money, let Karzai ask the Taliban for funding when they return to fill the void that will be left once the U.S. is gone.