Armed Men Seize Crimea Parliament, Raise Russian Flag

Armed Men Seize Crimea Parliament, Raise Russian Flag

On February 27th armed men took “control of the parliament and local government offices in the Ukrainian region of Crimea.” According to The Wall Street Journal, the armed men numbered in the “dozens” and they raised a “Russian flag above the building.”

Crimea is an “ethnically Russian-dominated region that has become a flashpoint” in the struggle between pro-Western demonstrators and Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych.

Yanukovych has been forced into hiding as a result of the struggle.

With the seizure of the parliament and government officers, Ukrainian acting interior minister Arsen Avakov said “Ukraine’s military and police [will be] on alert.” 

On February 26th Breitbart News reported that Putin ordered “a test of combat readiness for Russian troops stationed in a region that touches Ukraine’s northern border.” 

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