UK Will Not Help Iraq Retake Mosul

UK Will Not Help Iraq Retake Mosul

The UK is ruling out military involvement in Iraq’s efforts to retake Mosul from an Al Qaeda splinter group.

According to BBC News, UK Foreign Secretary William Hague said his country will “[consider] sending humanitarian aid” from their “very large” humanitarian aid budget. He said the UK is “concerned about the hundreds of thousands of people who have been displaced” as a result of the Al Qaeda-related takeover. But the UK “will not be getting involved military.” 

Instead, they “will support the United States in anything they decide to do.” 

Hague said his government is “consulting” with the United States even now,” but he said retaking Mosul “is…primarily” a job “for the Iraqi leadership” to handle.

On June 11 Breitbart News reported Iraq plans to join with Kurdish forces to drive the Al Qaeda splinter group out of Mosul. 

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