Shocking Footage from IDF Shows Hamas' Rocket Barrages from Gaza

Shocking Footage from IDF Shows Hamas' Rocket Barrages from Gaza

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have released video footage from Monday clearly depicting numerous rockets being fired out of Gaza by Hamas terrorists into Israel. The rockets are fired into civilian territory–often from civilian territory–and force Israelis to seek shelter and save their lives within seconds of receiving an alert.

Israel has been under heavy attack from Gaza since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, a military operation intending to do away with Hamas terrorists plaguing Gaza after the kidnapping and murder of three teenage boys. Rockets have been flying in by the hundreds from Gaza, though rockets have also been shot from Lebanon and Syria.

Below, footage of what those rockets look like in the air as they approach civilian targets in Israel.


The IDF estimates that more than 115 rockets were shot out of Gaza into Israel, with 92 making contact on the ground. Israel offered Hamas a ceasefire in conjunction with the Egyptian government yesterday, which would have begun at 9AM local time Tuesday. Hamas rejected the deal and continued to launch rockets into Israel instead. A spokesperson for the al-Qassam brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, said Tuesday that the ceasefire plan proposed by Egypt “wasn’t worth the ink it was written with.” 

While Israel continues to attempt to take out Hamas from within Gaza, distributing pamphlets across Gaza to warn civilians to withdraw from the region, Hamas continues to fire into Gaza without warning. Israelis have armed themselves with warning mechanisms like the Red Alert phone app, which alerts the user whenever a rocket is incoming into Israel, specifying what region. Children in Israeli schools are taught a special “Code Red Song,” written to allow them to express panic while also learning to move swiftly to a safe shelter should they hear an air raid siren.