ISIS Celebrates Eid with Video of Killing Spree

ISIS Celebrates Eid with Video of Killing Spree

The Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, released a video to celebrate Eid, which marks the last day of Ramadan. The 30-minute video contained clips of the jihadists murdering young men and Iraqi soldiers. 

The video, no longer available, was apparently taken down by LiveLeak and YouTube for violating their terms of service.

Eid is a day for Muslims to unite. Yet, the Islamic State celebrated it by showing off the murders of fellow Muslims. The Telegraph reported:

Others are seen standing on a small river jetty before shuffling forward where they are shot in the head and fall into the water. The executions take place in Saddam Hussein’s hometown Tikrit.

Another sequence shows ISIS gunmen in a fast car firing on traffic, riddling other vehicles with bullets in an apparently random killing spree.

The 30-minute clip shows tracksuit bottoms being removed from men to reveal combat trousers underneath in an apparent justification that they are soldiers being slain.

The group possesses a violent past against fellow Muslims in Syria and Iraq. The UN said they might finally add ISIS to the Syrian war crimes list. The group, which rose to prominence in 2013, shows no signs of stopping its violence. They performed a public execution in July 2013, documented mass executions, and publicly crucified nine people. They captured a Syrian army base in Raqqa, and the jihadists displayed the dead bodies and their heads on Twitter. Two women were also stoned to death in Raqqa, which is supposedly the first time that punishment was used in the city.

The terrorists allegedly ordered females in Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, to undergo female genital mutilation, but the group denies the accusation. They told the Christians to convert to Islam, pay a protection tax, or die. No more Christians are in the city, but ISIS threatened business owners with death if caught providing services to Christians.