Chris Ruddy: Cut Off ISIS Oil Money to Bring Them to Their Knees

Chris Ruddy: Cut Off ISIS Oil Money to Bring Them to Their Knees
The Chairman/CEO of Newsmax lays out a plan to destroy our enemy. We reprint here:

I’m shocked to hear repeatedly from the Pentagon and others that airstrikes alone will not stop ISIS.

I think this nascent terrorist state crumbles pretty quickly with highly targeted air attacks on their troops, facilities, and especially their oil!

Bernard Kerik, who served as the U.S.-appointed interim interior minister for Iraq, just posted to his Huffington Post blog a powerful exposé of the real dangers ISIS poses to the United States. Everyone should read this.

Lindsey Graham is right: ISIS is a threat to the U.S. homeland itself.

Why we are allowing the state to be born so easily perplexes me. While I agree with President Barack Obama that ground troops are off the table, airstrikes that cut into their financial resources would be the most efficacious way to stop them.

Right now the U.S. military has been targeting vehicles and artillery positions of ISIS, but in a limited fashion and in very targeted areas.

The United States should attack the real source of the Islamist group’s strength: oil.

ISIS reportedly has earned tens of millions of dollars selling antiquities from territories it has taken control of in Syria and Iraq, and stole about $425 million from a bank it looted in Mosul.

Read the full story at Newsmax.


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