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World View: Iran's Supreme Leader Condemns 'American Islam'

World View: Iran's Supreme Leader Condemns 'American Islam'

This morning’s key headlines from

  • Syrian regime accuses Turkey of ‘Act of Aggression’ in military vote
  • Iran’s Supreme Leader condemns ‘American Islam’
  • Sweden to be first EU country to recognize State of Palestine

Syrian regime accuses Turkey of ‘Act of Aggression’ in military vote

An explosion in Kobani, Syria, on Friday (Cihan)
An explosion in Kobani, Syria, on Friday (Cihan)

The recent vote by Turkey’s parliament to allow the deployment ofTurkish troops in Iraq and Syria to fight terrorist groups has drawnstrong criticism from the regime of Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad.The intent, at the urging of the United States, was to allow Turkishtroops to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (IS or ISIS orISIL) and the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party). The vote was triggeredby the ISIS attack on the Syrian border town of Kobani, a townwith a Kurdish population hundreds of thousands of whom havebeen fleeing across the border into Turkey.

However, Turkey has not hid the fact that its main objective is not tofight ISIS but to fight the al-Assad regime. As a result, theal-Assad regime is criticizing the vote as an “act of aggression” thatwill threaten “international and regional peace and security.”According to a Syrian Foreign Ministry statement:

The public approach of the Turkish governmentrepresents an act of aggression on a country that is a memberstate of the United Nations…

The international community should take a serious, firm andresponsible stance to put an end to Ankara’s destructive approach,force it to abide by Security Council resolutions, stop itsunlimited funding to armed, terrorist organizations, and stopinterfering in Syrian affairs.

Meanwhile, Turkey’s government is dealing with the dilemma of what todo about the city of Kobani, as ISIS forces close in and threaten tooverrun it. The mixed emotions of Turkey’s government are illustratedby the self-contradictory statement of Turkey’s new prime minister,Ahmet Davutoglu:

We wouldn’t want Kobani to fall. We’ll do whatever wecan to prevent this from happening. …

Some are saying, ‘Why aren’t you protecting Kurds in Kobani?’ Ifthe Turkish Armed Forces [TSK] enter Kobani and the SyrianTurkmens ask, ‘Why aren’t you saving us?’ we would have to gothere as well.

When the Arab citizens across from Reyhanli say, ‘Why don’t yousave us as well?’ we’d have to go there, too.

In other words, if Turkey saved one group, then they’d have to saveeveryone else as well.

So will Turkish troops enter Kobani and stop ISIS from overrunning it?You sure can’t tell from those statements. Today’s Zaman (Ankara) and International Business Times

Iran’s Supreme Leader condemns ‘American Islam’

Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, has issued astatement to Muslim pilgrims attending the Hajj in Saudi Arabia, tocondemn not only American Islam, but also al-Qaeda linked jihadists inWestern Asia (Pakistan and Afghanistan):

The deceitful enemy is fanning the flames of firebetween Muslims to sideline the motivations behind resistance andfighting so it can place the Zionist regime and the minions ofArrogance [West], which are the true enemies, in a safeenvironment. Supporting takfiri terrorist groups and their lies inthe countries of Western Asia is a result of this perniciouspolicy. This is a warning to all of us so that we must considerthe matter of Muslim unity as our highest national andinternational priority.

The Palestinian nation must be hopeful more than ever before,fighters of jihad must perpetuate their jihad and efforts andpursue the perennially honorable path of the West Bank withstrength. Muslim nations must demand their governments’ seriousand real support of Palestine, and Muslim government must takestep in this path honestly.

American Islam… is an Islam that fans the flames of divisionbetween Muslims… fights the Muslim brother instead of fightingZionism and Arrogance… It is not Islam.

This is really a fascinating statement on multiple levels.

There’s a Sunni versus Shia divide growing the Mideast, largely drivenby Iran’s and Russia’s support of Syria’s genocidal president Basharal-Assad, who has killed and displaced millions of innocent Muslims inSyria. Khamenei does not acknowledge his own apostasy as a Muslimsupporting the slaughter of millions of other Muslims.

Instead of acknowledging his own guilt in causing Muslims to fight oneanother, he absurdly blames it on the Zionist regime (Israel) and thefighting one another for millennia. I wonder if he also blames thatfighting on the Zionists and on the Americans? Somebody should askhim.

I assume that the condemnation of American Islam is to excuse jihadistattacks on America itself. He must be frustrated that AmericanMuslims are loyal to America, and not to his threats of violence (justas German-Americans in WWII were loyal to America, not to the Nazis).He has his own problems in Iran, which is in a generational Awakeningera (like America in the 1960s) and is going through a “generationgap,” where the generations of young Iranians growing up after the1979 Great Islamic Revolution generally like the West. ( “10-Jun-14 World View — Iran’s Supreme Leader complains young people are not revolutionary enough”)

He also condemns the “takfiri terrorist groups” in Western Asia. Theword “takfiri” refers to someone guilty of apostasy which, as Idescribed above, he’s more guilty of than anyone. Here he’scondemning the terrorist groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan that havebeen attacking Shia Muslims in those countries, as well as targetswithin southeastern Iran itself. Khamenei allows himself to arrangefor the slaughter of as many innocent Muslims as possible, whilecondemning only those who slaughter people that he likes.

So this man, who is doing all he can to promote hatred among Muslimsfor each other, says that “all of us so that we must consider thematter of Muslim unity as our highest national and internationalpriority.” What a senile hypocrite! AEI Iran Tracker

Sweden to be first EU country to recognize State of Palestine

Sweden, whose government took a sharp left turn after the September 15elections, may become the first European Union country to formallyrecognize the State of Palestine. Incoming prime minister StefanLöfven announced on Friday that he would submit the motion to his newcabinet. There are three EU countries — Hungary, Poland and Slovakia– that already recognize the State of Palestine, but they have beendoing so since before they joined the EU. Predictably, SwedishPalestinian groups cheered the move, while Jewish groups condemned it.The Local (Sweden) and BBC

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