Report: ISIS Kills Family for Refusing to 'Marry Off' Daughter to Jihadist

Report: ISIS Kills Family for Refusing to 'Marry Off' Daughter to Jihadist

Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) militants executed five members of a family in Iraq who refused to marry off their daughter to one of the jihadists in the terrorist group, reports Al Arabiya News.  

Citing a November 16 statement from Iraq’s Human Rights Ministry, Al Arabiya describes the incident as a “horrific crime” perpetrated by the Islamic State.   

The five individuals who were murdered included the family’s mother, father, and three children. The time and location of the alleged killing was not provided.

After executing the five family members, ISIS kidnapped the 14-year-old daughter, taking her to an undisclosed location, Al Arabiya reports.  

Breitbart News went through the statements on Iraq’s Human Rights Ministry website, but was unable to independently verify the Al Arabiya News report. 

ISIS has seized large swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria, and the U.S. began conducting airstrikes against ISIS targets in Iraq in early August. That campaign was extended to Syria the following month.  

With the help of U.S.-led coalition airstrikes, Kurdish and Iraqi forces have been combating ISIS on the ground.  

This summer, President Obama began sending what he has described as non-combatant troops back to Iraq.  

The President has approved the deployment of 1,500 additional American soldiers to Iraq, which would bring the number there to about 3,100. Congress has to approve funding for the additional forces. 

U.S. defense officials have opened the door for U.S. soldiers joining their Iraqi counterparts on the battlefield. 

According to a video released Sunday, ISIS allegedly beheaded yet another American–Peter Kassig, a recent Islam convert and U.S. military veteran who served in the Iraq war.