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Karl Rove Says Cain's Finished, Zogby Says He 'Trounces' Romney Head-to-Head


When Gov. Sarah Palin was deciding whether or not to get into the presidential race, Karl Rove was popping up on Fox News to talk about why her skin was too thin for the job. And when Gov. Rick Perry was thinking about his entrance into the race, Rove was Johnny-on-the-spot with reasons why a Perry candidacy would not be viable either.

Now Rove’s moved on to Herman Cain, whose candidacy he’s doing all he can to sink, sidetrack, or otherwise derail.

On Fox News this past Monday, Rove did his best Mr. Rogers imitation by holding up a small dry-erase board with words (and phrases) for the day like “abortion, neoconservative, Afghan policy,” etc. According to Rove, Cain’s “gaffes” in these areas have rendered him unelectable.

How so? Well, according to Rove: “I think it has created an image of him as not being up to this task. [And] that’s really deadly.”

Of course, it’s important to keep in mind the fact that Rove is an establishment Republican who supports McRomney And if someone really wants to focus on gaffes, they should focus on McRomney’s deception on hiring illegal lawn care workers, his full-blown support of Roe v. Wade not so long ago, his support of the assault weapons ban, his support of the Brady Bill, and his ongoing belief in manmade global warming, among other things.

But I guess all that wouldn’t fit on Rove’s little board.

Anyway, while on Fox News Monday Rove talked about how there was “a hint” that Cain’s numbers had peaked sometime between October 6th and October 10th, and they “had begun to slide slightly since then.” In other words, “Move on, people; there’s nothing to see here.”

However, the latest Zogby poll, taken October 18-21, well after Cain’s supposed “slide” had begun, shows that Cain would trounce McRomney and, by extension, Rove into the ground.

And even better news is the fact that Cain doesn’t appear to be the least intimidated by Rove (which is another quality salt-of-the-earth people love in Cain). However, he does appear a bit perturbed at Rove’s antics: “It’s a good thing the voters are not looking at Karl Rove’s little whiteboard. [Because] I believe it is a deliberate attempt to damage me because I am not, quote unquote, the establishment choice.”

In the end, Cain is doing the right thing by brushing Rove’s duplicitous criticism aside and asking: “Why not go with the choice that the people seem to like?”

It really is quite simple: We can either have another Rove-anointed McCain who will lose to Obama again or we can let the Tea Party guide us to victory via the candidate of their choice.

My opinion – Why not trust the people on this one?


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