She-PAC Targets Reid with Five Conservative Women for Senate

She-PAC Targets Reid with Five Conservative Women for Senate

She-PAC, a hybrid conservative “Super PAC” formed to help elect conservative women to Congress, has released a video touting its support of five Republican women candidates for Senate, fighting back against the manufactured meme that Republicans are waging a “war on women,” which liberals and the mainstream media are trying to perpetuate throughout the election cycle, especially on “Equal Pay Day.”

“2012 won’t be a war on women,” the advertisement says. “It will be a war by women.”

Teri Christoph, an important voice in the Tea Party movement that galvanized women in the 2010 elections, and Suzi Terrell, who has been a pioneer in helping conservative women break the glass ceiling in politics, co-founded She-PAC in order to help fight the dominant mainstream media narrative that paints Democrats as the party more favorable to women and to help elect more conservative women. Tim Crawford, who is also the treasurer of Sarah Palin’s PAC, SarahPAC, is the PAC’s treasurer.

The video highlights She-PAC’s support for Sarah Steelman (Missouri), Linda McMahon (Connecticut), Heather Wilson (New Mexico), Deb Fischer (Nebraska), and Linda Lingle (Hawaii). All five women are running for Senate in their respective states, and some, like McMahon and Steelman, will face tough primaries in order to get the GOP nomination.

Democrats, who hold an advantage over Republicans among women voters, have tried to increase their lead among women by manufacturing “war on women” controversies. The most shameless example of this was when they turned a debate about religious liberty into a battle about contraceptives, parading out people like Sandra Fluke as symbols of a supposed “war on women.”

So it is fitting that She-PAC’s ad has been released on “equal pay day” to put the focus back on Obama’s failed economic policies and the failures of a Senate that is controlled by Democrats.

“We’re watching our gas and grocery prices soar and our national debt reach unprecedented highs,” Christoph, a She-PAC co-chair, told Breitbart News. “American women are faced with these realities every day, but the Democrat-led Senate and its leader, Harry Reid, seem oblivious.”

Christoph noted that it has been “well over 1,000 days since the Senate passed a budget and the nation is tired of this lazy, do-nothing attitude,” and the PAC is grateful that women like Fischer, Lingle, McMahon, Wilson, and Steelman were getting into the political arena.

She-PAC’s video has a voice over of Ronald Reagan’s famous “time for choosing” speech in addition to facts and figures citing Congress’s historic disapproval ratings (Congress sits at 13 percent approval), which She-PAC pegs on Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s failures (the Democrat-led Senate has not passed a budget in over 1,050 days).

One lady in the video accuses Congress of acting like children.

She-PAC’s message is simple. In 2010, Tea Partiers threw Nancy Pelosi out of her leadership role in the House, and it is time to throw Reid out in 2012.

She-PAC will try to get the message across that the Obama-Reid agenda poses a great threat to the country’s freedoms and that Reid is a conservative woman’s worst nightmare: “all the wrong talk with no action.”

The video notes that conservative “women stand poised to make history” in 2012 and ends with the famous Margaret Thatcher quote, “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.”


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