Senator Mike Lee: Now Is Greatest Time Ever for Conservatism

Senator Mike Lee: Now Is Greatest Time Ever for Conservatism

Senator Mike Lee of Utah told Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon at the Republican Leadership conference in New Orleans his “conservative reform agenda” is simply an “economic opportunity society. A place where someone who is born in poverty can improve their lives and work their way to a comfortable retirement. A chance where people can move into the middle class and progress within it.”

Lee’s interview with Bannon was broadcast on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Radio channel 125. According to Lee, government is “imposing artificial weights on the shoulders of hard working men and women in America.”

The Senator proposes reducing federal gasoline taxes and shifting the tax to the states. This will give individual states more freedom as to how the money can be used. Lee aims to eliminate the parent tax penalty and the marriage tax penalty. Moreover, Lee favors a “Higher Education Reform Act” that will bring down the cost of college so graduates won’t be burdened by large student loans as they enter the workforce.

Lee agreed with Bannon that the United States’ transition to being not just energy independent but one of the largest exporters of oil and gas is a huge “game changer” for America. Bannon said that the “present administration in Washington doesn’t seem to get that.” Lee said that there is going to be an explosion of opportunities and jobs the more America unleashes their oil and gas potential.

The Senator spoke optimistically for conservatism, saying, “Never in my lifetime has there been a better time for the cause of conservatism, for the cause of constitutionally limited government than right now. It is only going to get better from here.”


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