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Sarah Palin: Obama Not Putting 'America First' during Ebola Crisis

Sarah Palin: Obama Not Putting 'America First' during Ebola Crisis

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin blasted the Obama administration’s incompetent response to the Ebola crisis and said President Barack Obama must finally “put America first.”

On Monday’s On the Record on Fox News, Palin said that Obama and his administration’s “incompetency is shining bright” during the Ebola crisis and “is par for the course” for his administration. 

“If only President Obama would put America first this time,” she lamented, noting that the nation’s governors need to step up to fill the “void of leadership.”

Palin said that government that is closest to the people is best. She warned Americans to be vigilant against liberals who do not want to let a crisis go to waste and could try to “capitalize” on the Ebola crisis. She also stated that Obama would not mind the country being in “fear mode” so Americans “have to rely on big brother government to answer the questions for them and solve the problem.” She said politicians often promise people “that if you give up a little bit of your freedom, we’ll give you a little bit more security–and in the meantime you’ll lose both.” 

The Obama administration has refused to institute a full travel ban, even after Thomas Eric Duncan died at a Texas hospital after becoming the first person in America to be diagnosed with Ebola. Duncan entered the country on a visa after possibly being untruthful to screeners and hospital staff about exposure to Ebola. His co-workers reportedly said he knew he may have contracted the virus and came to America in a desperate attempt to save his life. Duncan infected at least two nurses, who were following Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. The CDC has been criticized for not having proper protocols for nurses and doctors treating Ebola patients, in addition to allowing Amber Vinson, a nurse who treated Duncan, to fly, though she told the CDC she had a slight fever.


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