Team Rubio: Marco Bible Video ’Another Dirty Trick’ from Cruz Campaign

Cruz Vid Good Book

In the lobby of a Hampton Inn on Saturday, Sen. Marco Rubio spotted Sen. Ted Cruz’s father and a campaign staffer eating breakfast with the Bible on the table.

“Got a good book there,” Rubio said to the staffer. “All the answers are in there. Especially in that one.”

The exchange was filmed and posted on an anonymous YouTube account and picked up on the Daily Pennsylvanian blog, purporting that Rubio said “not many answers” were in the book.

As the video began to go viral, Rubio communications director Alex Conant corrected the report on Twitter and shared the real video of the exchange.

“This video has correct transcript; any other is another dirty trick by Cruz camp,” wrote Conant. “How do I know? I’m in the video!!”


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