Breitbart Sports Bracket in 99.1%, Picked Louisville for Title

Breitbart Sports Bracket in 99.1%, Picked Louisville for Title

When Breitbart Sports ran the Louisville preview picking them to win the tournament, we ironically chose to run this photo of back-up Kevin Ware, having already run photos of better known starters. Ware will be on the sidelines Monday when Louisville battles Michigan for the title, and if you were lazy after Selection Sunday and simply copied our picks onto an office bracket, then you may be in line for a lot of bragging rights–a Louisville win could give you 37 of 63 correct picks to place you in the 99.1 percentile of everyone who filled out a bracket online.

The preview column is in the 99.1 percentile of all entries, meaning it beats 99 of 100 people, and a Louisville win would make it right on 37 of 63 picks. The alphabetical list also had Louisville winning it all, but would still be one line behind the column with 36 of 63 correct.

Breitbart Sports also missed on only one of the 68 teams that should get a bid, picking Baylor. The Bears proved they belonged by winning the NIT convincingly.

The alphabetical list was ahead of the column until the latter’s correct pick of Syracuse to upset Indiana and Michigan to upset Syracuse to make the title game. The alphabetical list also picked a tie between Marquette and Miami in the Elite 8 but gave the line to Miami as the higher seed.

Prior to the Miami-Marquette game Breitbart Sports picked a Marquette upset due to an injury, but prior to the tournament the two teams both had a “25” rating.

If you went by the alphabetical list except for choosing Marquette in the tie then you also have a chance to go 37 of 63 after tonight and potentially claim your bragging rights for winning your pool.